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There is no easy way to get down to the nitty gritty when it comes to services and charges.  We understand how expensive it sounds to say "I have an Interior Designer".  And we also aren't here to say it isn't expensive.  What we ARE here to say is that we can tailor our services to your needs and budgets.  Look, we were all college students who wanted cute first apartments too at one point so we can appreciate a humble budget.  The more open this conversation is the better so that we can be as transparent as possible. The good news is when looking at mid to high end furniture, companies often have a financing option as well when purchasing product. But for our services, here is sort of a basic draft up of what we can do.  If you don't see what you are looking for, shoot us a message in our "Contact" page.


Initial Consultation - Helping client define what it is they are looking to accomplish with the space. Includes a walk through of space and ideas suggested while in the space.  This can be anywhere from 1-2 hours and costs $100.  This charge is due at the end of consultation but will be refunded back into future bills if you decide to move forward with our team.  Anything outside of 20 miles from Woodland Hills, CA, please be advised mileage may be applicable.    

Space Planning - We send our tech out to take measurements where they are then brought back to our home base for any kind of technical files needed (ie. AutoCAD, SketchUp,...).   This can be from construction ground up to just placement of existing or new furniture.  This is an A La Carte option that can be combined with any other service and is $40/hr. 

Room Makeovers - Regardless if you are ready to take the plunge on a whole new remodel, we can makeover a room just by freshening up the furniture and arrangement.  This can but is not limited to paint selection, fabric selection (reupholstery), product selection, autoCad files, material presentation, and mood boards.  This is $40/hr as well and can work within different budgets for product.  

Shopping List - We understand sometimes you just need a second set of eyes on the space in order to see it differently but that you then want to go do the shopping yourself.  So we decided to offer a service that lets you shop until you drop.  After the initial consultation, we would put together a list of products to check out at specific showrooms or stores.  Heck, we can even send you direct links to product for your midnight shopping spree.   This does not include designer shopping with the client but simply a list.  This pricing will vary depending on the scale of the project as well but will also be charged at a rate of $40/hr.

Full Service - Initial Consultation.  Measurements and Floor plan including AutoCad and SketchUp files.  Mood Board Presentation.  Material sourcing (ie. Construction materials, fabrics, artwork samples, paint colors).  Fine tuned step two presentation.  Purchasing plan.  Personal shopping for product. Time frame management. Communication to vendors and contractors.  Install day.  Photoshoot. How was that for straight to the point?  Look this is the Big Daddy of the services.  It is when you are looking for a professional team to come in, listen to your needs and execute it.  This package also takes TIME.  Anytime construction is involved we will be the first to warn you, patience is key and we are there to do the dirty work for you.  

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