Mirror Mirror in the Flea Market

If you have been following me at all then you won’t be surprised that I love a good challenge at a flea market. But lets back up a week when my lovely client asked me to consult her on a mirror for over her antique, bone and gold inlay table. She had picked out a hand full of gold antiqued mirrors from various websites and shops that send catalogues up the ying yang. They all looked relatively similar with just minor detail changes. While I did actually like them all, my concern was that they were not authentic as her table was. Something in my gut said they would take away from the table by trying to match instead of compliment. That is a huge subject in interior design my little proteges. Find something to stand out in the room and let that piece be your focal point. Everything else will work for it. So let it all “Work, Work, Work Work Work…”

I politely picked a mirror for client and said that I picked the one with the least detail for all of the above reasons. BUT also said something along the lines of “If you really want to know what I would do if it were my space, I would paint the mirror a dark blue to match your other accent pieces. No black. No gold. No white. Less predictable.” And I kid you not I was so surprised when she said “Let’s do it.” (Insert shocked super excited emoji here) Well I wasn’t about to let her refinish a $400 mirror so let the flea marketing begin! So we set an appointment to scope out the local flea market in two weeks.

You may or may not know that going to a flea market looking for something specific is a COMPLETE gamble. Especially one as small as the one we were going to in both of our neighborhoods. I went to the market about 30 minutes before she came just to scope out what they had and start haggling before. And I was surprised to find two runner ups. But one had my attention. It was a lot more intricate and…well here is a picture of it….


I mean…..HELLOOOOOO SEXAY THANG. Am I right? I had my navy blue filter glasses on and it was a prime suspect of perfection. I saw it! I immediately attempted to show client but of course I couldn't find it at first so we stumbled upon a couple more. But we found it. She was a little hesitant. The birds were not her thing and the pagoda on the top was not giving it the right scale. So we popped them off!

Several coats of paint later and some sawing, sanding and filling, we have an ecstatic client with a one of kind piece of jewelry for her home. See pictures below to see transformation.


Stay tuned for final project pictures of the table accessorized and the room finalized!