Dinner Parties At Home

Since Michael and I have made it a point to have dates, but we also have our cute little side kick, Baby Parker, we have opted to do our own little dinner dates at home.  I really should give credit where credit is due though.  I told Michael one weekend I wanted something nice done that night.  I was thinking laundry or clean the floors.  But what I came home to was our coffee table dressed up in linens and glasses and tons of candles that I had never seen. He spent the whole day purchasing things to make it feel elegant as we sat on pillows on the floor and it meant so much to me!  And something about being able to include Baby Parker made it more special.

So now we are trying to do these dinners every week and take turns.  For Valentines Day though we decided to do it together.  I set the table with this pink blanket I got from Olvera Street a couple years ago.  I used some framed pictures to make it feel more personal.  And candles everywhere!

Because of these dinners we have decided to do our birthday a joint birthday this year and set up a big dinner party for our family and close friends.  So i'm currently on the mission to collect crystal glassware and napkin ring holders.  I scored this week a dozen silver napkin rings that reminded me of Kate Spade.  They were $5 for all 12 so it was worth it.  I figured the worst case I could spray paint them to make them a little more modern.  But I found this recipe to polish silver with just vinegar and baking soda.  And they came out super shiny!!! Check out the pictures below and let me know if you think they are too grandma or so Kate Spade.