It's Black. It's White.

Rule of thumb.  Bring a bit of black into every room.  Why?  Because we have a tendency to forget contrast which leads to rooms feeling like they could literally float away.  But I digress.  I will definitely post a separate blog about how to incorporate black.  But for now, let's oggle over my latest DIY refurbish project!

I have literally had this white dresser since I shared a room with my twin sister circa 2003.  That room included pink and purple walls, meticulously picked out by my twelve year old self with pride! The dresser was adorned with a matching jewelry box attachment and vanity mirror which graced too many Myspace selfies.  I've kept it because it was just a piece that I got used to.  And despite it's undeniable girly-ness, was practical in size and storage space.  A couple years ago I did remove the jewelry box and mirror making it a little more grown up but not by much. 

Well last week I figured instead of spending a couple hundred that I don't have on a new dresser, I would slap a fresh layer of white paint on this one.  But if I was going to repaint it, why not do something more unique!  I knew right away I was going to do black.  Because I am a brave soul who had nothing to lose except high school memories.  Which is more than ok.

After removing the frilly handle pulls, I added crisp acrylic handles since I really am obsessed with modern mixed with traditional.  But to bring some of the frill back, I added a wood overlay on either side of the dresser as an ode to it's original state.  Plus, it would make the piece a good photographing piece from very angle. 

I think it looks beyond bad ass and can only imagine it in my next, larger home where it can take center stage in perhaps a guest room or Parker's room. Here is a list of supplies it required:

Primer- $20 (more than enough so I will be keeping this for future refurbishes)

Black Paint - $10 Nightclub by Behr

Sandpaper - $5 from Walmart

Paint brush - $15 total.  One for primer. One for paint.  Although i preferred using my old craft brushes which were much cheaper anyways because they didn't leave brush lines in the paint.

Acrylic Pulls - About $5 each from Home Depot totaling in $40


I am debating getting a piece of smoke glass cut for the top of it to really make it look polished but still waiting for a quote for that.  Other than that, a couple fresh felt pads for underneath to protect my floors and it's better than new!  So all in all this project cost me about $100.  Which is more than I planned but well worth the facelift if you ask me.