Sunday Funday Via The Rosebowl Flea Market

So I finally ventured out to Pasadena to visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Held on the second Sunday of every month, this flea market is supposedly the biggest in LA.  Well, many blisters later, I now agree.  This is an awesome place for inspiration.  That and of course Persian rugs, eclectic pillows, crystal glasses, and old furniture that needs some serious updated fabric.  If you aren't a visual person, this place may seem so overwhelming and probably even like a giant junk yard.  But be patient, and you will most likely see a diamond in the ruff.  I went with my client for some finishing touches for her room.  We went home with a giant Longhorn skull with polished horns for only $100. 


5 Tips To Boost Your Professional Life

So it's been about 9 months since my last post.  And I think this is an appropriate time to follow up with some tips that i've gathered along the way for how to grow yourself as a business.  In my particular field, my business is also my lifestyle and you will probably see that exemplified in the tips below. 

So if you need a boost in your career or you need to expand your network, keep these in mind!

1. Always make time for Dirty Chai's.  Or coffee.  Or wine.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Make the time to reach out to someone else you know in your field and invite them to get a drink or lunch together to catch up.  I recently did this with a coworker from my previous job and it turned into a two hour dirty chai meetup at Leo and Lily.  It was productive and uplifting to sit around and brainstorm on what our potential is and how to make shit happen. And sometimes we just needed to be reminded these things.

2.  Always have your resume updated and ready to hand out.  Now this one is hard for me because I believe in loyalty to a company.  I think putting in multiple years is significantly better than having a resume with 20 different jobs you only were at for 6 months.  However! You cannot hurt yourself more than by settling.  We all have bills to pay, children to feed (or just to feed ourselves) and expectations of where we will be at in 5 years.  And if someone else is offering something better, especially when you have the education for it, you sometimes have to take a leap of faith to make yourself grow in your career. 

3. Have people proofread your emails.  Yes we are in the day and age of texting but a good, clean, formal email is ALWAYS appreciated. 

4.  Hand out good ol' traditional business cards.  Do you know how many times I give people my business cards and they just comment on how thick the card is, or that the letters are shiny or just how they like the design?  Every time.  Business cards are more impressionable than many may think. 

5.  Always look presentable.  Actually, always look DAMN GOOD.  Your represent you so....impress people!  And I know not every day can be your best or you just want to wear sweats to go get ice cream, but then be the person who gets their nails done every few weeks.  Keep your brows maintained.  Brush your hair.  A rule I go by is if i'm going to work I always dress like i'm going to an interview.  And if my hair is back in a bun, then I spend extra time on my makeup.  And if i have minimal makeup than ill add an extra braid or curls to my hair.  Anything to make people think that I want to be here and that I got ready to be here. 


With that said, add me on LinkedIn!  If I can answer any questions, please comment below and I will respond right away.