The "team" aspect of Hinkle Studios is the most important part to us.  Our theory is no one is a master at everything so rather than not delivering the best when it comes to each step of the design process, we thought it would be better to bring in the best.  We think very highly of our team here at Hinkle Studios and believe everyone plays a huge role in the process in it's entirety.  We don't just look for one aesthetic when bringing our team mates on, but we look for individuality and a passion from our team members.  

If you are interested in joining our team or partnering with us, please direct any questions to

The Founders


Ashley Hinkle

Project Manager and Interior Designer

Ashley went to ArtCenter College of Design where she studied Illustration with an emphasis on Surface Design.  She knew interior design was her passion but wanted a Bachelors Degree to start her career.  She worked in high end furniture showrooms for a couple years until she realized the environment was more sales driven.  While she can appreciate the drive to make monetary numbers as a company, her clients were her main concern.  That is when she decided (after being fired of course for not making numbers) that it was time to go 100% into her own business.  Hinkle Studios is her dream come true as she builds an emphasis on a collaborative team that values the client first and foremost.  


April Hinkle

Marketing and Photography

April was brought on not just because of her last name, but because she has a strong eye when it comes to both creativity and opportunity.  While she focuses her career and education on psychology, her passion to interconnect with every person in the room brings our team an extra reach.  Hinkle Studios also directs the "pro bono" of our work if you will, by connecting with charities so we can bring "home" to people who may not have one.  She also happens to be a wizard with the camera and focuses on emphasizing products we love here at Hinkle Studios through her lens.  

The Friends of the Founders

Some call them business partners but we call these "Masters-of-Their-Trade" our friends and boy are we lucky!  Why are these friends so important?  Well because we believe and stand behind each one of their work ethics and results.  We believe whether they are an electrician or a landscape artist or a fine painter, they have just as much passion as we do.  


As much as we love a good HomeGoods run for artwork, we want to help our clients realize how easy it is to buy directly from the artists.  Art is personal and you have to connect with it in order to let it into your home.  So if you just MUST have the glitter abstract from Z-Gallery, we won't stop you. Because, if you love it we (will grudgingly) love it.  But, if you don't know where to start with what to hang on your wall, let us introduce you to some seriously talented and often times local artists who offer amazing prints that you can have hanging on your wall for much less than you would assume and be proud of it.  And if you want to forego the restrainments of a frame, we can even find you someone to do a one of a kind "mural".  Maybe you can even convince Ashley to get out her brushes and house paint again.  

Craftsmen and Craftswomen

Trust us, we have also gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to empty promises of met deadlines and no cash up front deals when it came to remodeling.  But we believe that our referrals come with a very much spoken agreement that rather than promises that cannot be met, they will delivery honest time and financial estimates for your project and handle the project with the care it needs to follow through with those promises.  No pinky promises here as a promise is a promise!